Bailly-Romainvilliers, France; Day 2

Hmmm…how did we come to choose this particular French town as a stop for our European Adventures you wonder? Simple.

5 Adventurers in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle

We spent the day at Disneyland Paris. Instead of walking miles seeing history, nature or culture, we rode rides, ate junk food and overall had a great time. And of course walked miles back and forth in the park.

Our visit today happened to be about a year after our few days at the Anaheim version of Disneyland. We drew a number of comparisons between the 2 parks and the experiences that we had.

As an example, a number of rides were named the same and could be found in both parks. Autopia, Buzz Lightyear, Big Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, and the Pirates of the Caribbean were reproduced here in striking similarity. There was one difference though. See if you hear it in this short video.

Besides la langue française, there were some other Disneyland Paris distinctions. Both parks have parades although last year we missed it due to Covid limitations. Today we were there long enough to see 2 of them. We were surprised to see Elsa and Anna close out the evening parade as the final float.

Disneyland Paris has an Indiana Jones ride too, but this one is a looping coaster and has “Peril” in its name. France has the “Phantom Manor” and the US has the “Haunted Mansion”. Both of these rides start with a spooky elevator ride and have similar themes. The French version seemed slightly more macabre than the campy American version but their premise was similar.

When asked to reflect upon the day, 2 of kids chose Big Thunder Mountain as their favorite ride.

CreeperPuppy chose Hyperspace Mountain as his favorite. In fact, he went single rider on it as his last ride because no one else was willing to get twisted and turned upside down (twice) on that ride. We had to admit that the special effects and articulations of the French version of “space” Mountain was a better ride.

Suaram and CreeperKitty chose one more ride behind the wheel at Autopia. Mom and Dad got to watch this time.

Tiffany was almost persuaded to vote with the 2 older kids for “BTM”, as they quickly dubbed it. Brian convinced her that their favorite ride was the calm 10 minute shuttle back to the hotel.

Heading Down Main Street for Home
Au Revoir Disneyland Paris

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