Paris, France; Day 7

We have walked 34 miles (54 km) here in Paris this past week. Some of our walking today happened in front of and on top of masterpieces. And CreeperPuppy successfully tied his own shoe at Monsieur Eiffel’s iron masterpiece.

We began the day by a return trip to the Jardin des Tuileries. The adults wanted to see some art and the kids wanted sail boats in the fountain. Our plan was to do both there.

We started by heading to the Musée de l’Orangerie which is renowned for its collection of French Impressionists. It also is the home to Monet’s masterpiece Les Nymphéas (The Water Lilies).

This was a very nice museum trip for everyone. After the kids became bored with their audio-tour they were invited to sit and create some art of their own.

This left Brian and Tiffany to work through the museum’s collection in an unhurried manner. Each of them found interesting pieces to examine closely.

Outside, the kids worked with crepe paper to generate flowers like they had seen the Impressionists create on canvas.

These flowers are lovely and look better in real life than these images suggest.

After this we caught a bite to eat in the park and walked over to the fountain for some toy sailboat racing. Sadly, the boat vendor was not here on Saturday afternoon so the kids chose to visit the trampolines. The deal is 10 minutes jumping for 5€ each. That price would have bought them 30 minutes of boat time. Ah, c’est la vie.

We had seen the Eiffel Tower from the Palais de Chaillot earlier in the week but we knew that we would have to go up in it to make our Paris trip complete. So that’s exactly what we did next.

After a reflective walk beside the Seine…

…admiring the many bridges.

By the time we arrived at the Tower it was nearly 8p so the line and wait wasn’t too bad…but it’s still a massive tourist attraction. They are working on some improvements to be in place for the 2024 Olympics so there was scaffolding and barriers erected in a number of places. The entire area seems greatly changed in the 5 years since Brian and Tiffany had visited here last.

Up we went to very top where we were provided with some wonderful views of Paris shadowed by the setting sun against the tower.

We all seemed a bit inspired by what we had seen and experienced today. It will be interesting to learn how our 5 Adventurers manifest this inspiration through their creative outlets.

Bonsoir Paris

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