New York, New York; Day 3

Yesterday was our downtown day. Today was our Central Park day and was another 8 miles of walking.

We didn’t awaken at 4:30a as we had on Thursday morning but we were still up early as our European body clock timings dissipate slowly.

We are staying a few blocks off of the park so we hit a diner for breakfast and the bank to sell some € and £ for $ before circling the reservoir for some classic photos.

The heat of the day built up through the morning and we found some cool refuge at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The kids also had this on their list – they really wanted to see where Claudia and Jamie lived during their Adventures in From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler

The kids were interested in seeing a few of the 2 million objects of art here. We saw Egyptian relics, medieval armor, and American art on display.

After our time at the museum we walked over to the NY version of Cleopatra’s Needle. This is the pair to the one we saw Sunday in London but was a bit of a ho-hum really. It’s not in great shape and isn’t presented with much flair. Plus it was really hot! We haven’t had hot sticky weather like this since Bangkok in January.

After that we wandered south through the Park enjoying the sights. We also went to a playground in the afternoon which featured some giant granite rocks original to the landscape.

The third playground visited today was also a place where the kids befriended some locals – these with Super Soaker water guns. Suaram, CreeperKitty and CreeperPuppy played “target” and ran merrily through the park getting drenched.

Our day ended happily enough with some ice cream from a NY classic Mister Softie and a movie. This one the kids had never seen – another New York classic Night at the Museum.

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