New York, New York; Day 4

Today didn’t have a particular agenda but we had some things we wanted to do. They were all somewhat in the 40s and 50s street-wise so we’ll call this our Midtown day.

When we arrived on Wednesday the forecast said that today would be rainy and this morning was warm but a bit grey and blustery. We figured rain was coming soon so right after breakfast we loaded our rain jackets into the backpack and headed for our one must do outdoor activity – the DiscOasis!

Everyone has seen pictures of the ice skating rink in Central Park – well this summer it’s been turned into a disco roller skating rink complete with mirror balls, blaring music and at night, famous DJs spinning tunes. We went for the first session this morning and practically had the place to ourselves.

This is the first time roller skating for our kids and they were beyond excited. They were shocked by two things. The first was that roller skating is really hard when you first start. The second was that Dad is a pretty good roller skater. What?!?

The temperature was a bit scorching so there were lots of breaks for shade and water but everyone had fun and improved over the course of the session. We even had energy for disco moves after we were done.

5 Adventurers Stayin’ Alive

From there we did a classic NYC tourist activity – we went shopping. And where do the kids like to shop? That’s right – The Lego Store.

CreeperPuppy driving a Lego yellow cab

This store is two stories and happened to be celebrating its one year anniversary at this location. So there were lots of sets in stock, lots of other shoppers and free gift bags if the kids helped build pieces of the anniversary cake. The take home was their own little piece of cake to build, which CreeperKitty quickly reformed into a dragon.

The Lego store is at Rockefeller Center so after a LONG time in the store, we checked that area out. They were not impressed that Mom used to have her office in that building (but Dad still thinks that it’s cool).

Rockefeller Center

Just a few blocks away was Times Square. Sometimes it feels charming and exciting and alive. Today it felt hot, crowded and overwhelming. We did get to show the kids the Times Square Ball – so when we see it drop on New Years Eve they’ll say – ‘We were there!’

We didn’t stay too long but we did hit the M&M store and the Hershey’s World stores. We didn’t buy giant chocolate, but we wanted to!

That was about all the shopping our tired feet could handle – about 5 miles – so we hopped onto the Subway and headed back to the hotel. It never did rain so we’re happy we didn’t abandon our outdoor plans. Put together they made for a great day.

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