Union Pier, Michigan; Day 2

Today was a very pleasant SW Michigan summer day full of small Adventures for these travelers.

We enjoyed a pancake breakfast with Busha and Grandpa Mike and then some time playing in the pool.

Busha and the cool ducks
Noodle wars
Water gun to the sky

After pool we headed to the local steakhouse for a tasty dinner – we were joined for desert by Brian’s sister Kathy and his niece Sophie.

They hung out with us for a little while and then continued east toward home. We hadn’t been to the beach yet so to end our lovely day we walked through the neighborhood to watch the sunset over Lake Michigan.

On the way there we saw a doe in someone’s yard and the kids were excited to pose for a picture. She must have wanted to make sure we got home ok, when we returned 15 minutes later she was waiting for us at the house pretty close to Jeremy Picklepants. She posed for a picture and then was on her way into the Michigan dusk.

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