Travel Home; Day 1

It feels like we’ve been slowly making our way home since we left London at the end of June. We’ve been creeping westward with each of our destinations but the main focus of our New York, Leesburg and Union Pier stops were fun and family.

Busha and the Adventurers

Today was different. Today was all about making rapid progress toward San Clemente. Now that we’re in the last few days of the trip we’re all anxious to get home. We’re doing a lot more driving than site seeing.

View for the next few days

We did make a couple of interesting stops but not at the Arch in St. Louis. We’d actually stopped there in 2020 on our last drive to California from the Midwest. This time we just waved and snapped photos from the bridge over the Mississippi.

Before we got to Missouri we passed through Springfield, Illinois so we thought we’d visit one last Tomb. This one was for President Abraham Lincoln who lived most of his life in this town. First we found a picnic table outside and had lunch with Mr. Lincoln.

Like most visitors to this site we touched his nose for luck before we went inside.

The tomb itself was beautiful and seemed fitting for a man of Lincoln’s impact. Our prolific writer Suaram spent a few moments absorbing some of his most impactful words.

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Most of our second half of driving today was spent in Missouri. Brian’s grandfather was born and raised in the small town of Rolla. We took the opportunity to stop by, visit his resting place and tell a story or two about the man.

It was a long day. We started in Michigan, crossed Indiana and Illinois and finished the day in Joplin in the SW corner of Missouri. Not much on the step count but a good day’s progress toward home.

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