Union Pier, Michigan; Day 4

Today the Adventurers gave themselves a challenge – the ‘PentAquaPalooza’. This was a challenge to get in five different sources of water today. The last one was the easiest – a shower – so it was the first four that we set off in search of under sunny summer skies.

Our first stop is an old favorite in St Joseph and a place the kids recognized from our visit a couple of years ago – the Lion’s Park Beach. It has a lovely playground, a beach on Lake Michigan protected from erosion by sea walls and some nifty swinging benches.

The kids started on the playground.

But they quickly found it pretty hot and moved toward the water. They discovered that if they used all of their powers they could make the lake jump right over the sea wall – or at least that’s what they told us.

After that we practiced our rock skipping skills. We never got all the way in the water – the Lake is still quite cold this time of year – but we did count it as our first accomplishment in the PentAquaPalooza since everyone got at least their feet in the water.

Next stop was a late lunch at the St Joseph train depot. Normally that wouldn’t be our first choice, but in this case most of the depot has been converted into a tasty pizza restaurant with cold adult beverages.

The schooner of Sangria

We enjoyed our meal and then headed outside to check out a battery of cannons in the park across the train tracks. In this case it was six water cannons at the splash pad so they counted as our second stop for PentAquaPalooza.

Tiffany dipped her feet in but we lost Brian out of the challenge at this point. He preferred to stick to lawn lounging instead.

After enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach and splash pad we headed back to the house for the final stages of the challenge. Our backyard pool was number 3 and the porch hot tub was number 4. Yay!

After our showers we congratulated ourselves on completing our made-up, silly challenge. We celebrated with a nerf gun shooting gallery for the kids and drinks on the deck for the grownups. We really enjoyed our last day in Union Pier with the grandparents.

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