Travel Home; Day 3

One of the things about long road trips, where you are in the car for 8+ hours is the need for a variety of activities for the passengers. In our car today, the kids watched 2 movies (Lion King and Zootopia), listened to parts of 2 audiobooks and played a rousing game of DnD with the following character assignments:

  • Suaram: Dungeonmaster (she guides the party on the Adventures)
  • CreeperKitty: Magi (he casts spells and uses potions)
  • CreeperPuppy: Cleric (he heals himself and other party members)
  • Dad: Thief (he picks locks on the doors and treasure chest)
  • Mom: Dice Roller (she ‘rolls’ the dice on the app on her phone)

Today’s Adventure took the party on a quest to defeat several dragons. Each of which was named, oddly, Becky. It was confusing who was fighting which Becky but also hilarious. The Cleric healed himself way more than anyone else. The Magi used potions to prank other party members and the Thief liked to run away from every dangerous encounter. There wasn’t much treasure awarded today but we all had some laughs and passed the miles.

Another thing about long road trips is that it seems impossible to avoid diners or fast food on the road. We have had our share of each kind today we had lunch at a diner in New Mexico.

We are trying very hard to find vegetables with our meals. Mostly that can be found at dinner. Today, we ate at Cracker Barrel where we found one more game to play while waiting for food. Remember this game Suaram is playing?

So far our travels have been dry and sunny. Today we had a few thunderstorms but the lightning always appeared a few miles to the North or the South. We got some rain but mostly we got partly cloudy.

We also were treated to a nice rainbow upon arrival in Kingman, Arizona. We are only 5 hours from home and will be sleeping in the Pacific Time Zone tonight for the first time in a year.

One thought on “Travel Home; Day 3

  1. Dang, when I was on road trips with family in the fifties and sixties the only thing going on was reading Burma Shave signs! Love your descriptions of your journey.


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