Rota, Spain; Day 2/Seville, Spain; Day 2

Rota Adventurers The day in Rota was pretty chill. We didn’t venture out much other than onto the sun deck. Brian found the washing machine, tripped a circuit breaker and got the boys showered. Minor setbacks, minor accomplishments and minor Adventures today for our recuperating boys. Seville Adventurers Tiffany, Tracy and Suaram’s first outing ofContinue reading “Rota, Spain; Day 2/Seville, Spain; Day 2”

Lisbon, Portugal; Day 3

A quiet day today. We started by hanging around our lovely apartment and then wandering the neighborhood enjoying the spring sunshine. We basically alternated between walking, stopping at a park/cafe, walking, stopping at another park/cafe etc. The first stop was just down the street. The kids ran around the grass across the street and theContinue reading “Lisbon, Portugal; Day 3”

Hurghada, Egypt; Day 7

Our last day in the coastal town of Hurghada saw our family looking for Covid-PCR test results and one last trip into the blue waters of the Red Sea. Well, perhaps not all of us got into the Red Sea today. Especially not like this. This is the floating couch that serves a similar roleContinue reading “Hurghada, Egypt; Day 7”

Hurghada, Egypt; Day 6

Today’s big excitement was Covid tests for travel as we prepare to depart Egypt on Thursday. We’re getting pretty used to it at this point. The kids were very happy that their sample was from the mouth rather than a nasal swab…Mom and Dad, not so lucky. As most kids do, these three LOVE treats.Continue reading “Hurghada, Egypt; Day 6”