Hurghada, Egypt; Day 7

Our last day in the coastal town of Hurghada saw our family looking for Covid-PCR test results and one last trip into the blue waters of the Red Sea.

Well, perhaps not all of us got into the Red Sea today. Especially not like this.

This is the floating couch that serves a similar role to the banana taxi. These 3 Adventurers never pass up inflatables on land or sea so this experience joins the memories from Panama and Minnesota.

They really enjoyed getting out there amongst the wind, waves and spray. They appeared to be weaving between yachts out there but never fell off or got spilled. They did come back to shore soaking wet though so it was a cool trip.

As for the PCR test, we all passed and can fly to our final African country tomorrow morning. Our wake-up call is at 2am so we are going to bed right away! وداعا مصر!* Thanks for the Adventures!

* Goodbye Egpyt!

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