Hurghada, Egypt; Day 6

Today’s big excitement was Covid tests for travel as we prepare to depart Egypt on Thursday. We’re getting pretty used to it at this point. The kids were very happy that their sample was from the mouth rather than a nasal swab…Mom and Dad, not so lucky.

As most kids do, these three LOVE treats. Mom had seen a picture of some amazing decadent milkshake/sundae things in the google maps entry of a local hamburger joint so she proposed to go for a ‘megatreat’ outing to that place. Of course the kids said yes without hesitation, Dad, thinking of the sugar shock afterwards, was less enthusiastic. It was about a 20 minute walk from the testing site to the restaurant along a sidewalk that looked new and partially completed. At some future date a lot of foot traffic is expected in this tourist area but today it was just us. And way out in the distance of this image is a guy offering camel rides.

Once we arrived at the restaurant we were hungry and ready to eat. Things looked good as we approached. It had a giant hamburger out front but everything else about it was disappointing. They didn’t have any cool desserts, the pizza chef was out so no pizza and it was generally giving off a yuck sort of vibe. Bummer.

Since the higher priority was lunch instead of treats, we headed a couple doors up the street to Sebun Sushi. We haven’t had sushi since January and this place had good reviews. We had the place to ourselves which was useful. While washing his hands Brian triggered something in the sink which caused a minor flood in the dining room. It wasn’t exactly a flash flood but a slow seeping one that surprised everyone.

Luckily there are lots of floor drains in Egypt so a quick squeegee by the staff took care of it. They didn’t seem terribly surprised it had happened so maybe they were prepared.

Without giving it much thought, we ordered our normal pot stickers and sushi rolls. The pot stickers came first. The dough was thicker than we’re used to – more like a perogi. And then the meat was very different than normal. Usually it’s minced pork but we’re pretty sure this was ground beef instead. Which makes sense since there’s no pork here, but to be honest it wasn’t terribly appetizing. CreeperKitty usually eats a dozen but today only had two if that’s any indication.

The sushi was better and was delivered in delightful presentation in a boat. They also had some chopstick helpers for the kids. These are a little plastic piece that holds the chopsticks together and makes it much easier to use. The kids thought they were great so we’ve put those on the list to buy when we get home.

The sushi tasted pretty good. Not the best, not the worst so we’re ok with that. In the end we finished the whole boat.

Then it was time to regroup and find a ‘megatreat’. Mom found another place which the kids were excited about which was a 10 minute drive away. After a quick stop to procure CreeperKitty and CreeperPuppy some sunglasses we were off. Well, 4 Adventurers were. Dad had enjoyed enough fun at this point so he walked back to the hotel.

As the car pulled up to the ice cream shop, the faces in the car fell. Closed. Google maps failed us again. Luckily the driver has kids himself and promised to get us to an ice cream place ASAP. The place we went was a Syrian gourmet market. Tiffany was in heaven with gorgeous displays for nuts and desserts and cheeses and other yummy items. They are gearing up for Ramadan which features special meals after sundown so nuts and special dates were everywhere. She didn’t buy anything but browsing was a great experience.

And finally! the kids got ice cream. Not really a ‘megatreat’ but two scoops which they seemed pretty pleased with.

A quiet evening closed out a day in which nothing quite worked out the way we hoped fun wise. But at least the stuffed banana looks good in CreeperPuppy’s new shades.

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