Nevada City, California; Day 2

Our college friends Dave & Aimee designed and built a gorgeous home in the woods of Nevada City 14 years ago.  There are many thoughtful and unique aspects to the home and it integrates into the land wonderfully.

Custom Home in Nevada City

We spent an easy morning swinging softly in their hammock considering our options for the afternoon.  One of us was agreeable to a picture…the other not so much.

Having digested the homemade waffles, we decided to go to the South Yuba River for some float time and rock skipping practice.

The bridge in the background of that video is the longest single-span, wood-covered bridge in the United States.  It is currently undergoing a significant renovation which should be completed before the end of the year.

One the great things about staying with Dave & Aimee is that they have two boys and a girl just like us.  Their children are several years older but they are each very impressive individuals.  Mom & Dad would love it if Suaram, CreeperKitty, and CreeperPuppy decided to model themselves after Dave & Aimee’s kids.

Our final adventure of the day was to have a double date at the Holbrooke.  It was our first kid-free date in many moons.  The dinner and company was fantastic.  Thanks guys for the great visit to Nevada County, California.

This is also our last night in California for awhile as we are on to Oregon and the next adventures!  We’ll miss you Cali but shall return!

One thought on “Nevada City, California; Day 2

  1. Sorry I wasn’t able to get to see you on your Nevada City stop. I hear you solidified my niece’s interest in heading to Italy👍🏻


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