Raleigh, North Carolina; Day 1

We satisfied ourselves with the state of our timber farm in Chapin, South Carolina (everything is growing fine) and moved on to see friends and relatives in Raleigh, North Carolina. As part of his post-surgery process, Brian needs to exercise each day. Today he walked downtown Columbia, South Carolina which is a very pleasant cityContinue reading “Raleigh, North Carolina; Day 1”

Nevada City, California; Day 2

Our college friends Dave & Aimee designed and built a gorgeous home in the woods of Nevada City 14 years ago.  There are many thoughtful and unique aspects to the home and it integrates into the land wonderfully. We spent an easy morning swinging softly in their hammock considering our options for the afternoon.  OneContinue reading “Nevada City, California; Day 2”

Nevada City, California; Day 1

Our driving day took us from Yosemite Valley to Nevada City, California. On the way we stopped and had lunch with our Best Man (Keith) and his family. We also delivered the “Space Car” to him which saved us a lot of trouble with listing and selling this vehicle prior to our overseas portion ofContinue reading “Nevada City, California; Day 1”