Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 3

Day 2 at Glacier National Park.  Yesterday, we traversed the Park from one end to the other by car (with a boat ride in between).  Today was a hiking day as we marched over four miles across a few trails with the 5 Adventurers and 6 Stewarts.

We saw a number of amazing waterfalls and lake vistas.

McDonald Falls
Avalanche Creek

Returning to the campsite early for an Independence Day feast of pulled pork, corn, and rosemary potatoes cooked on the campfire.

Campfire Cooking

(Ok, so maybe the 10 hour pork cook happened elsewhere in place and time)

July 4 Pork Shoulder Cooked 2 Days Ahead

At any rate, we feasted and then went back into the park to check out an amazing sunset…

Sunset on Lake McDonald

…followed by a sneaky fireworks show behind our campsite. 

Fireworks & Campfire

Thank you Glacier and thank you to the Stewarts for joining us on these adventures!

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