Leesburg, Ohio; Day 22

During school today, CreeperPuppy read an I Survived! book involving a bear attack in Glacier National Park. Reading that story reminded him that these 5 Adventurers had our own black bear encounter in Glacier this summer so we chose that post for a flashback Friday to July 3rd. Thankfully, our bear encounter was much lessContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio; Day 22”

Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 5

We were able to make one final visit to Glacier National Park in the morning after packing up and clearing out the camp site. Our target today was Two Medicine Lake in the Southeastern area of the Park. The kids continued to refine their rock skipping technique and discovered many skipping stones among the sedimentaryContinue reading “Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 5”

Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 4

Today was our last full day at Glacier National Park. We would like to visit tomorrow morning prior to leaving for Butte, Montana but we will need to pack up and assess our driving day. Once again we saw some new wildlife today in the Park.  Uncle Jeff did not get to see the BighornContinue reading “Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 4”

Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 3

Day 2 at Glacier National Park.  Yesterday, we traversed the Park from one end to the other by car (with a boat ride in between).  Today was a hiking day as we marched over four miles across a few trails with the 5 Adventurers and 6 Stewarts. We saw a number of amazing waterfalls andContinue reading “Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 3”

Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 2

We awoke in the tent at our campground just outside of Glacier National Park after a comfortable night with minimal wind. Mom got the camp stove running before Dad was out of his camp cot.  The kids tried to be helpful for breakfast prep but mostly stayed out of the way. Dad seemed most excitedContinue reading “Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 2”

Driving to Glacier National Park, Montana

Today, we leave Tanya & Jeff’s house in Eastern Washington for a 5 hour drive to Glacier National Park in Montana.  We are all very excited to see the park and camp out for 4 nights.  If you notice some missing updates in this travel blog this weekend, it will be due to cellular serviceContinue reading “Driving to Glacier National Park, Montana”