Glacier National Park, Montana; Day 4

Today was our last full day at Glacier National Park. We would like to visit tomorrow morning prior to leaving for Butte, Montana but we will need to pack up and assess our driving day.

Once again we saw some new wildlife today in the Park.  Uncle Jeff did not get to see the Bighorn Sheep at Logan’s Pass as the Stewarts left for home in the morning.  (Sorry, Jeff)

Bighorn Sheep at Glacier National Park

We had several mini-adventures today and one minor mishap.  There are so many fantastic photo opportunities in the Park that curating the images is getting difficult.   Here is a gallery of some of our favorites of the day.

We were able to find an ice tunnel with a running stream for a photo of the kids.  The boys immediately took to crafting iceballs to hurl at each other.

CreeperKitty, CreeperPuppy, & Suaram

As for the mishap, you may notice that CreeperPuppy has both flip-flops in this photo next to Lunch Creek.

CreeperKitty, CreeperPuppy & Tiffany next to Lunch Creek

He sensibly decided to remove his footwear prior to stepping into the rushing creek. However, his wet foot and and some mud turned his flip-flop gross and sticky. As he washed his shoe off, the current pulled it away and sent it over the falls pictured below.

Lunch Creek (prior to mishap)

The good news for CreeperPuppy is that his mother has an extraordinary ability to find lost/missing items. It is truly a supernatural skill that is unparalleled. Tiffany found that flip-flop in an eddy slightly downstream after the rest of the Adventurers gave it up for lost.

Brian’s favorite image of the stay so far was of Heavens Peak.  This is a 8,991 foot tall mountain with a picturesque stream running down the side.

Heavens Peak in Glacier National Park

We also found the trees produce some very fascinating vegetation in Glacier National Park. Doesn’t it almost look like small people?

The rare Glacier NP child tree

One last note; the Tooth Fairy will be making her second visit to our tent in as many days as CreeperPuppy has joined his sister in the lost tooth while camping department. Fun!

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