Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 2

When Tiffany describes Madden’s, her best frame of reference is the resort from the film Dirty Dancing. It has activities you can join to learn or hone skill (axe throwing this year along with the traditional tennis and a guided bike ride). A big dining room where everyone eats meals (the food is good but by the end of the week you’re ready for a change). And a big lake surrounded by cabins, an old lodge from the early days and a newer Inn next to the golf course. The family that started it doesn’t run it anymore and there isn’t as much cinematic drama as that place in the Movie (at least not that we know of) but it’s the kind of place families return to and new families discover every year.

Our first full day here found us treading some familiar ground. Breakfast buffet in the dining room, time in the lake and the pool and dinner at the Lodge at Mission Point. There was some kayaking and paddle boarding by others in our group but our 3 youngest adventurers only wanted to do one thing. The thing they’ve been waiting for all year – the banana taxi!

The best thing at Madden’s…if you’re under 12

It’s basically a big inner tube they pull behind a speedboat. It goes out about 5 times an afternoon for 10-15 minutes a ride. Sometimes the waves get big enough to throw the kids off which adds some extra fun. Today CreeperKitty and CreeperPuppy grabbed the front seats early and kept them for all the rides. Suaram is in the back right seat in this photo but made her way up to join her brothers as the other riders rotated out. They have a blast and hopefully are making some great memories too. It runs every day from 12-2 so don’t be surprised if you find us there tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 2

  1. Looks like great fun I would love to do that banana taxi. Please say hi to everybody and enjoy your time at Madden’s. Love Grandma Loesje.

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