Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 4

It was a bit of a typical wash, rinse, repeat day for our 5 Adventurers at Madden’s Resort. The threat of afternoon showers wasn’t realized and we all had outdoor adventures today.

Suaram spent about 2 hours on the inflatables in the lake. She has perfected the jump off the side of the slide inflatable which is a 12 foot drop into Gull Lake. (We didn’t get the shot).

Imagine Suaram Jumping In

Tiffany and the boys took advantage of the bikes available at the resort and tooled around some.

On the Road to Parfecto Pizza

Brian was not able to make it to the ax throwing rings but desperately wants to try this “lawn sport” this week. Perhaps we can have video too?

The day wrapped up like the others with a marvelous meal at the Lodge. This time the parents and “olders” sat on one end and left the kids to their conversation topics. I think we all enjoyed dinner tonight!

Talking About Virtues of Tin Men & Scarecrows

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