Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 5

CreeperPuppy Turns 8!

Our day began with a small family celebration for our youngest member who celebrated his eighth trip around the sun today. Per tradition he first opened a birthday shirt (Minecraft-themed, glows in the dark, high marks from the sibs).

Tiffany had an early adventure to finally visit the dentist. It turns out the Bit-O-Honey from Red Lodge, Montana that pulled out her crown was A. much more expensive than the 10 cents she initially thought and B. her last (see A for why). Fortunately there was no damage to the tooth or the crown so a little cement got her on her way.

Brian played croquet with the kids in the afternoon. Despite having to play under CreeperKitty’s unusual and evolving rules, Dad prevailed to be this year’s family champ.

This day was also notable for a water adventure. We rented a large pontoon boat and had the Schneiders, Shane, Grandpa Mike, and Busha join us for a late afternoon cruise. The boat included an inflatable tube and most of the passengers spent some time on their bellies trying to avoid getting dunked in the lake by Crazy Captain Brian.

As the shadows grew longer and after the pizza was consumed, Tiffany pulled out a full birthday cake which everyone enjoyed.

Cake on the Lake

Tomorrow we have a party for CreeperPuppy at a go-kart/mini-golf place in town where we expect to eat more pizza. We are looking forward to that adventure next!

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