Dubai, UAE; Day 2

On our first full day in Dubai, Mom went off to get a haircut and the kids & Dad went exploring. We are staying in the Dubai Marina area which sits in the ‘shadow’ of the Palm Jumeirah. There are many tall buildings throughout Dubai and a number of them are residences and hotels. ThereContinue reading “Dubai, UAE; Day 2”

Boquete, Panama; Day 18

Aside from the Spanish immersion classes in August, the 5 Adventurers also installed Duo Lingo to their devices to improve their intake of foreign languages. Tiffany and Brian have continued to dabble on the app but prefer the real world to build that language “muscle”. For the kids, however, they go beyond mere dabbling. TheyContinue reading “Boquete, Panama; Day 18”

Boquete, Panama; Day 5

Today was a lazy Sunday here in Boquete. The sun was shining brightly this morning but we spent time inside doing some online adventures. The kids FINALLY convinced Mom and Dad to join them in a Minecraft world. It was hosted by Suaram and titled ‘Suckers’ which seems pretty appropriate. Tiffany started building a houseContinue reading “Boquete, Panama; Day 5”

Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 6

Friday was bonus adventures for our crew in Baxter, Minnesota. We learned a few things about ourselves that were noteworthy. Tiffany learned that there IS a limit for the number of times the teenage cousins would ride in the go-karts. (The answer is three). Suaram learned how many consecutive backflips can be performed before dizzinessContinue reading “Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 6”