Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 3

Today the Adventurers took things on the road including school. We went on a field trip to a unique Cincinnati museum but made a few stops first.

Our first stop was to a Cincinnati institution Suders Art Store. It’s been around since 1924 and in its current location for 90 years. Suaram’s eyes popped at all the pencils, markers, oil pastels, etc. She said she wanted to move to Cincinnati just so she could go to that store all the time. Busha found some paper for her own projects and we were done with our first stop of the day.

Next up was lunch. Busha has been eating vegan so we found a vegan restaurant with good reviews on the Happy Cow app. It was called Vegan One Stop on Short Vine just a few doors from Bogarts.

The place itself was an interesting adventure. The entrance mostly looks like a barber shop/hair salon and they do share the entrance. After you go down several steep stairs you are in a space that looks like a bar recently turned into a restaurant. We were a little unsure where we’d landed but the chef and a cheerful patron were very welcoming so we ordered vegan chick’n and waffles and lentil stew. While we waited we got to watch some vegan cooking videos and a special on the 19 health benefits of sea moss (thyroid, gut, weight loss, skin, hair growth, etc).

Once the food arrived we were absolutely blown away. It was so good. The chef also gave us some samples of a strawberry smoothie and a cherry tonic which were both really good. If you’re in Cincy near UC you should check it out.

Never ones to pass up a playground on a sunny day, that was our next stop.

Finally, we made it to the Cincinnati Fire Museum. It is a small museum in an old fire house and it had some very interesting displays of antique fire trucks and other firefighting equipment. Cincinnati was the birthplace of professional firefighting in 1853 and has been at the forefront of the profession since then.

The kids’ favorite part was getting a chance to run the lights on a pumper truck and to ring the fire bell. They also really enjoyed the turkey challenge the museum was running. They had to find 20 turkeys hidden throughout the displays and got a piece of candy if they did. (And of course they succeeded!).

We finished the day with another dip in the hotel pool and some yummy Italian for dinner.

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