Paris, France; Day 5

We had an All-American day which was only disrupted by a kind French woman seeking directions. The kids have consistently said that they miss breakfast the most. They missed the concept of eggs and toast while we were in Asia and Africa. They missed morning pork badly when we were in the UAE, Egypt andContinue reading “Paris, France; Day 5”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 5

Brian and CreeperPuppy are the 2 Adventurers that look for barbershops everywhere they go because their hair needs a trim every 6 weeks or so. They received a cut in Boquette, Panama where the barber spoke no English except at the end when he said “ten dollars” for the 2 cuts. The last cut theyContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 5”

Leesburg, Ohio Part 2; Day 4

Brian had said several times in the past month that “walking to the barber” was his most aspirational goal. Not just because he needed a haircut (though he did). It should be noted that the barber is a kilometer away from Mamoh’s house and that until Saturday Brian couldn’t walk to the bathroom without excruciatingContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio Part 2; Day 4”