Paris, France; Day 6

We enjoyed our quiet Friday. We put a pause on most of the touristy stuff to do some normal life type things – Paris style of course. The first stop was the Laverie to get some clean clothes. Our apartment is quite small so it doesn’t come with a washing machine. A short walk solvedContinue reading “Paris, France; Day 6”

Bangkok, Thailand; Day 6

What does a King Cobra, the Thai Royal family and a laundromat have in common? They were among today’s sights and Adventures during our 6th day in Bangkok. We awoke planning to get a pre-departure Covid-19 PCR test required for our next port of entry in Nairobi.  However, we were also planning to see theContinue reading “Bangkok, Thailand; Day 6”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 8

After our favorite breakfast buffet we did school and then spent the afternoon at the pool. Buy one get one free happy hour was a draw for Brian and Tiffany while the kids decided to spend all their allowance money on donuts and then throw them in the pool. Afterwards we headed back to WeenaContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 8”

Driving to Buffalo, Wyoming

Today was the first of two driving days for the family. We expect to find ourselves in a campground outside of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota before nightfall on the 19th. Ole Wheezy has attracted several one-finger salutes from Montanans and Wyomingites during the day’s journey. Brian thinks that Wheezy’s limited top speed is theContinue reading “Driving to Buffalo, Wyoming”