Paris, France; Day 5

We had an All-American day which was only disrupted by a kind French woman seeking directions.

The kids have consistently said that they miss breakfast the most. They missed the concept of eggs and toast while we were in Asia and Africa. They missed morning pork badly when we were in the UAE, Egypt and Morocco. In Spain, they had breakfast meat but didn’t really have the thick bacon that they prefer.

One of the American imports here in Paris is a restaurant called Breakfast in America. It was started by an expat who missed the standard American breakfasts which can be difficult to find in Europe. Today, we ate like Americans.

CreeperKitty with Blueberry Pancakes and Eggs

They even have something called a Cup O’ Joe which is simply Café Americain for 2.5€ (but unlimited refills, folks!). It was a bit more expensive than your local diner but it was tasty and scratched a real itch for all of us.

We left here for the oldest planned square in Paris which sits right in our neighborhood. It is called the Place des Vosges. Henry the 4th built it in 1612 and regularly had jousting tournaments here. Today, it was filled with students and other tourists enjoying the 4 fountains and the statue of Louis the 13th who succeeded his father, Henry IV, after his assassination.

2 of our Adventurers took an opportunity to visit an American-style barber named, oddly enough, Big Moustache. They have a Foosball table and blazing fast wifi for their patrons. CreeperPuppy and Brian had a few minutes to kill before going under the razor.

CreeperPuppy was aghast that his barber had to look up the term “buzz cut” on his phone. English is well spoken here but that was unfamiliar territory for his guy. Brian’s was named Thibault and probably wouldn’t have known that slang either. At any rate, these 2 left sporting an American buzz cut.

We decided, as a family, that we would complete our day with another American meal. You will remember that we have found this food group everywhere on Earth and it’s a kid favorite. Of course, we are referring to pizza 🍕.

We decided to get the pizza from a clearly American-intending establishment. At least they serve the type of pizza that Mom loves and is appropriate for their name.

The only problem with this All-American day came in the afternoon. Brian and CreeperPuppy were heading out to Big Moustache when a woman called out from behind them.

Excusez moi monsieur.

Oui? (Brian)

Je cherche Rue Pelée.

Pardonez moi, Madame. Nous habitons en California. Je ne sais pas la rue Pelée.

Ahhh. Je pensais que vous étiez parisiens

So, our American day was disrupted by a momentary case of being mistaken for a couple of Parisians.

Ah, c’est la vie.

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