Paris, France; Day 6

We enjoyed our quiet Friday. We put a pause on most of the touristy stuff to do some normal life type things – Paris style of course.

The first stop was the Laverie to get some clean clothes. Our apartment is quite small so it doesn’t come with a washing machine. A short walk solved that problem and gave everyone some clean undies.

Scattered around the neighborhood are lots of little parks and green spaces. In the evenings they see lots of action with games of boules. They also have playgrounds – most don’t hold our kids’ attention for long, but they’re always up for a quick stop.

The Adventure that took us out of the neighborhood was to check out something we found on a street poster earlier in the week.

It translates as ‘Children’s Street’ – we didn’t know what that was, but it wasn’t too far away and we’re always up to try kids stuff.

We arrived not too long after it started. About two blocks of a side street was blocked off and filled with lots of wooden games and about 50 kids chattering in French.

Rue Aux Enfants

Our kids jumped right in and played the games, some we’d never seen before. They even built some pretty cool structures.

We had a great time, a quick dinner and then enjoyed the fantastic weather for the walk home.

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