Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 2

There are 30 parks in Amsterdam and we visited many of them today. There are over 800k bicycles here too and we added 5 of our own to see those parks!

We rented typical Dutch bikes and found them to be easy to procure, ride, and lock. The vast number of bicycle lanes and fellow riders makes it the ideal platform to tour the city and see more than with rapid transit.

Our favorite park was VondelPark which is also the largest park. The central thoroughfare is bicycles-only and was very busy at all points of the day. Many riders enjoy the time between the trees on their commute from one end of the city to the next.

Any rider will tell you that after riding a few miles out there with your buddies you start to want to give them nicknames. Their helmets gave inspiration for the kid choices. Our youngest Adventurer is now known as 8-ball, the girl is Bear Claw and Lumberjack rides middle-kid.

(Key Master and Pippy Poppy are not pictured below.)

We traveled relatively far (in distance) but didn’t expend that much energy. Thanks, flatland! So we used some of that remaining energy for a spirited game of Foosball upon returning to the hotel. Suaram was the big tournament winner today.

One thought on “Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 2

  1. Happy Birthday Day Brian you all look very Dutch on your bikes looks like beautiful weather. We used to play and bike in the Vondel Park all the time there is a tree somewhere with Roek and Carla’s name carved in the trunk. Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands looking forward to the next post. Love Loesje.

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