Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 2

There are 30 parks in Amsterdam and we visited many of them today. There are over 800k bicycles here too and we added 5 of our own to see those parks! We rented typical Dutch bikes and found them to be easy to procure, ride, and lock. The vast number of bicycle lanes and fellowContinue reading “Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 2”

Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 1

We continued to get good use of our Eurrail pass today with a journey from Brussels to Amsterdam. We’re relieved it was uneventful because there was a railway strike in Brussels today but it was scheduled in advance and over by noon. By the time we arrived at the station it was very crowded butContinue reading “Amsterdam, Netherlands; Day 1”

Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 3

Today’s adventures were lazy, hang around the resort ones. Our complimentary breakfast was served on the porch of our villa and the rest of the day was spent doing some math, playing in the pool and watching the sun set over the river. Timtub Siam still have a LOT of holiday lights up and turnContinue reading “Kanchanaburi, Thailand; Day 3”