Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 6

Friday was bonus adventures for our crew in Baxter, Minnesota. We learned a few things about ourselves that were noteworthy.

Tiffany learned that there IS a limit for the number of times the teenage cousins would ride in the go-karts. (The answer is three).

Suaram learned how many consecutive backflips can be performed before dizziness sets in.  (The answer, astonishingly, is eight).

CreeperKitty learned that his aim in the Water Wars game was deadly. No one would battle him without getting soaked.

CreeperKitty Developing His Strategy
Suaram and Aunt Karen Battling the Boys

Brian learned that he shouldn’t translate putting prowess on the golf course to the mini-golf course.  Alan Schneider and CreeperPuppy scored the only holes-in-one today.

Shane Stewart & Tiffany on Hole #4

CreeperPuppy learned that his family loves him very much and gave him lots of attention on his birthday despite being miles and miles from home.

Gifts from across the country
CreeperPuppy in the Virtual Reality Chair

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