Dubai, UAE; Day 3

We didn’t waste any time getting ourselves to the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa. We needed to do some shopping. We carry about a week’s worth of clothes in our backpacks. After wearing and washing them over and over for the last 35 weeks or so, some are starting to getContinue reading “Dubai, UAE; Day 3”

Dubai, UAE; Day 2

On our first full day in Dubai, Mom went off to get a haircut and the kids & Dad went exploring. We are staying in the Dubai Marina area which sits in the ‘shadow’ of the Palm Jumeirah. There are many tall buildings throughout Dubai and a number of them are residences and hotels. ThereContinue reading “Dubai, UAE; Day 2”

Dubai, UAE; Day 1

Not much of our day was actually spent in Dubai although it was foremost on our minds. That and bidding farewell to Kenya after three diverse and interesting weeks. Our travel day featured a 3:30 pm flight so there was no need to rush this morning. We headed back down to the buffet for breakfastContinue reading “Dubai, UAE; Day 1”

Nairobi, Kenya Part 3; Day 2

A quiet day today as we finish up our Kenya stay and head out to our next Adventure. The day started with an unexpected call at 7:30am letting us know the doctor had arrived for our 11am Covid test. Ummm…we were sleeping. Kenya recently had some problems with private labs providing fake test results andContinue reading “Nairobi, Kenya Part 3; Day 2”

Nairobi, Kenya Part 3; Day 1

This is our last stop in Kenya before leaving on Saturday. Today was also our last day on Safari. We had committed ourselves to trying to see the Big 5 (elephant, water buffalo, lion, leopard, rhinoceros) while we were here and we had one more animal to see. We left the AA Lodge in AmboseliContinue reading “Nairobi, Kenya Part 3; Day 1”

Amboseli, Kenya; Day 1

We have embarked on our second land safari.  This time we are going into the Amboseli National Park which sits at the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro. We have hired our prior guide Jacktone to pick us up from our Nairobi hotel and to take us to our bush camp and lead our game drives. TodayContinue reading “Amboseli, Kenya; Day 1”

Nairobi, Kenya, Part 2; Day 1

Today took us back over the ferry to Mombasa and then a quick flight to Nairobi. We turned in the rental car in what felt like a pretty typical experience other than paying cash for some fender damage Tiffany ‘found’ after a tree walked across the parking lot and hit the car. At least that’sContinue reading “Nairobi, Kenya, Part 2; Day 1”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 13

It came upon us both slowly and quickly; Diani departure day. We have wanted to move on from this house since we arrived but we have also been surprised that February 20th (our last full day here) has arrived so soon. Our expectation was that we would have a mix of some school days andContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 13”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 12

We had a lovely Saturday which featured a monkey caught on camera, a Hawaiian-style pizza and a beach wedding Brian wanted to shoot some video for the blog showing you what this house was like. He started out his task in a deliberate film-maker sort of way but ended up shooting 25 minutes of this.Continue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 12”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 11

Today’s adventure belongs primarily to CreeperPuppy. He’s the kid who was ‘under the weather’ yesterday and actually for the last three days. It started as a headache and stomach ache – not unusual – but late Wednesday it added a fever. COVID-19 cases are very low in Kenya and he’s fully vaccinated so we weren’tContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 11”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 10

A short post for two reasons. One, a bit of a quiet day and two, the power is out and the internet along with it. We’re starting to think about moving on from Diani Beach and our house specifically. This place has been a reminder to never make assumptions about the listings on VRBO orContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 10”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 8

As we enter our second week in Diani Beach we’ve settled in our ‘normal life’ routine. Breakfast, school, lunch, chill, dinner, chill and bed. This morning we were short on groceries so we headed up the road a couple minutes to the Salty Squid Beach Bar and Restaurant for breakfast. It looked cute from theContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 8”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 7

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Monday! And Valentines Day! That’s right – the SuperBowl started at 2:30am local time on Monday morning. We didn’t watch it live but football fan Brian and Cincinnati fan Tiffany still wanted to catch the game so we set aside the morning to watch it. We feared getting “spoilered” when weContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 7”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 6

We haven’t posted much about our place here in Diani Beach so today we thought it would be good to share one of the benefits of staying here. Actually not just this place, but all the rental houses in Diani Beach (AirBnB, VRBO whathaveyou) seem to come with a staff included in the rental rate.Continue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 6”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 5

Brian and CreeperPuppy are the 2 Adventurers that look for barbershops everywhere they go because their hair needs a trim every 6 weeks or so. They received a cut in Boquette, Panama where the barber spoke no English except at the end when he said “ten dollars” for the 2 cuts. The last cut theyContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 5”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 4

We spent the majority of the day hanging out next to the Indian Ocean. We are about 4 degrees south of the equator so the water was quite warm and comfortable. The beach itself is renowned for its consistent winds, especially at this time of year. We were able to watch several kite surfers takeContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 4”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 3

A short post for a quiet day. We are enjoying a light schedule and little activity after several weeks of moving and sightseeing a lot. We did get a return visit from the monkey thieves- this time they targeted a small outdoor cupboard we had put mosquito repellent coils in. They grabbed and broke severalContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 3”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 2

We have managed to get pretty far away from home and have occasionally found ourselves in strange circumstances with shady characters but we haven’t had any issues with crime…until today. After five consecutive days of 6am (or earlier) wake up calls for game drives and travel the 5 Adventurers slept in. We ate breakfast atContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 2”

Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 1

It’s been 50 days since the 5 Adventurers left Phuket, Thailand so it seems about time that we got back to a beach. We’re still on the Indian Ocean but this time on the western side in Diani Beach. Often tagged as the best beach in Africa and one of the top beaches in theContinue reading “Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 1”

Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 3

Our Monday began with a visit from a troop of baboons which crossed paths with 4 Adventurers on their way from breakfast at the Mara Chui camp. We were also informed shortly thereafter that a cackle of hyenas were on the property last night. Additionally, a solitary elephant came near the night before. We wereContinue reading “Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 3”

Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 1

Our 5 Adventurers went on a quest today to see the “Big 5” in one of the most famous game reserves in the world; Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. We arrived at our lodgings in the Mara Chui Camp in the mid-afternoon. We had a late lunch, a little quiet time before heading back intoContinue reading “Masai Mara, Kenya; Day 1”

Nairobi, Kenya; Day 1

The 5 Adventurers have left Asia and waved goodbye to our Bangkok guesthouse full of Thai personality. We stayed at the Old Capital Bike Inn there. It’s a small 10 room hotel in the heart of the Old City. The property was originally a palace bestowed by King Rama V and has been in theContinue reading “Nairobi, Kenya; Day 1”

Bangkok, Thailand; Day 7

As we prepare to leave Thailand tomorrow we were up and out early for our Covid tests so we could get same day results. We got a recommendation from our hotelier for a private hospital that is reliable and affordable and it was exactly that. The hospital seemed to take things more seriously than ourContinue reading “Bangkok, Thailand; Day 7”

Bangkok, Thailand; Day 6

What does a King Cobra, the Thai Royal family and a laundromat have in common? They were among today’s sights and Adventures during our 6th day in Bangkok. We awoke planning to get a pre-departure Covid-19 PCR test required for our next port of entry in Nairobi.  However, we were also planning to see theContinue reading “Bangkok, Thailand; Day 6”