Marrakech, Morocco; Day 5

Today our Adventures took us out of Marrakech to the coastal town of Essaouira (pronounced ess-uh-weer-uh). It’s primarily a port and fishing city. It has a beautiful crescent beach but is also very windy. So it has tourists and some resorts, but it’s not known as a beach destination. Our interest was in seeing anContinue reading “Marrakech, Morocco; Day 5”

Marrakech, Morocco; Day 4

The 5 Adventurers had another day of commerce, cuisine and cultural assimilation in the Old Medina. Brian was determined to purchase a few items which caught his eye during earlier trips through the narrow alleyways of this neighborhood. He left shortly after breakfast to have time to wander the shops, try on items and notContinue reading “Marrakech, Morocco; Day 4”

Marrakech, Morocco; Day 3

This morning was spent hanging out at the Riad reading, doing laundry etc. For lunch we wandered around the corner to a 300 year old building that was once a Farouk or hotel. Today it is the home of a local restaurant Terrasse La Medersa. We chose a table on the roof terrace which wasContinue reading “Marrakech, Morocco; Day 3”

Marrakech, Morocco; Day 2

Today we enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the Jemaa El Fnaa square – the largest in the Medina. Two of us had traditional Moroccan dishes (Tagine Chicken & Lamb Couscous). The others had bolognese and cheeseburgers (not shown because, why bother?). The Jemaa El Fnaa is the famous Marrakech square which features snake charmers, musicians,Continue reading “Marrakech, Morocco; Day 2”

Marrakech, Morocco; Day 1

Our short stay in Casablanca ended with a low key morning. We had an outstanding breakfast at Citizen coffee & more, a cafe around the corner from our hotel and then retraced some steps from yesterday. We had passed a store called La Grande Recre or The Big Recess (Arabic is the first language ofContinue reading “Marrakech, Morocco; Day 1”

Casablanca, Morocco; Day 1

Today’s travel day had these Adventurers saying farewell to Egypt after three wonderful weeks. Our next destination is Morocco where we will wrap up our two months in Africa and the Middle East. The attractions of Kenya and Egypt are obvious. Morocco wasn’t always on our list but we added it because we wanted toContinue reading “Casablanca, Morocco; Day 1”

Hurghada, Egypt; Day 7

Our last day in the coastal town of Hurghada saw our family looking for Covid-PCR test results and one last trip into the blue waters of the Red Sea. Well, perhaps not all of us got into the Red Sea today. Especially not like this. This is the floating couch that serves a similar roleContinue reading “Hurghada, Egypt; Day 7”

Hurghada, Egypt; Day 6

Today’s big excitement was Covid tests for travel as we prepare to depart Egypt on Thursday. We’re getting pretty used to it at this point. The kids were very happy that their sample was from the mouth rather than a nasal swab…Mom and Dad, not so lucky. As most kids do, these three LOVE treats.Continue reading “Hurghada, Egypt; Day 6”

Hurghada, Egypt; Day 5

We enjoyed another resort day and found ways to create fun wherever we went. While Brian spent time in the gym exercising and strengthening his back (better every day!), the kids schooled Mom in the proper ways to use a tennis court. All it takes is one wobbly inflated kickball worth 175 arcade tickets, anContinue reading “Hurghada, Egypt; Day 5”

Hurghada, Egypt; Day 4

Some days we have lots of cool, interesting Adventures to share. This is not one of those days. This was another resort day which started of course with the breakfast buffet. After that, Brian hit the gym while the kids snuck in some tablet time and Tiffany did some research and trip planning for futureContinue reading “Hurghada, Egypt; Day 4”

Hurghada, Egypt; Day 3

One of our fine Adventurers took in a little too much sun yesterday. She forgot sunscreen and sat on the sunny side during lunch which was so delightful it lasted most of the afternoon. A day mostly inside was on her wishlist. Another of our Adventurers had a shoe stolen by the Nile earlier inContinue reading “Hurghada, Egypt; Day 3”

Luxor, Egypt; Day 4

We’ve been in Egypt 2 weeks now and everything we own is covered in a powdery layer of Sahara sand. It’s a beautiful country filled with fascinating history, generous people and amazing fresh food. We’ve got another week to enjoy the people and the food but our tours of Ancient Egyptian sites ended today withContinue reading “Luxor, Egypt; Day 4”

Luxor, Egypt; Day 3

Luxor and Paris share some common traits. Both have famous obelisks, revered places of worship, Egyptian antiquities and major rivers dividing them into banks. In Luxor, the banks are East and West. Today we explored the great sites on the East Bank. Our first stop was to visit a DHL shipping office where we offloadedContinue reading “Luxor, Egypt; Day 3”

Luxor, Egypt; Day 2

Today was a rest day for the Adventures. After a cold night on the boat and a long touring/driving Sunday we took today off from the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Instead we enjoyed a slow day on the quiet West Bank of modern Luxor. We slept in. We had breakfast on the roof which seemsContinue reading “Luxor, Egypt; Day 2”

Luxor, Egypt; Day 1

We awoke this morning in a felucca in the River Nile. We slept poorly as the wind blowing for several days abated for 4 hours but began anew at 2am and persisted strongly thereafter. We knew that the temperature would dip to 52° Fahrenheit (11°C) but the wind made for a very frigid night. CozyContinue reading “Luxor, Egypt; Day 1”

Aswan, Egypt; Day 4

For our Saturday adventure we took to the water. Many tourists who come to Egypt take a cruise on the Nile between Aswan and Luxor. There are different options for how to do it. One is a 3-7 night journey on a river cruiser with various levels of luxury. We saw about 35 of theseContinue reading “Aswan, Egypt; Day 4”

Aswan, Egypt; Day 3

We were back at full strength today with 5 Adventurers and headed out to see another amazing temple from Ancient Egypt. Today we headed 140 miles south of Aswan near the southern border with Sudan. Once we left Aswan, the scenery was desert for the entire 3 hour trip south with the same view comingContinue reading “Aswan, Egypt; Day 3”

Aswan, Egypt; Day 2

Our morning got off to a rough start as we woke to an Adventurer with ‘tummy troubles’. We’ve avoided them so far which is surprising since we haven’t been able to drink the tap water since early December. Some liquids and small nibbles did little to improve the situation so we reluctantly split the groupContinue reading “Aswan, Egypt; Day 2”

Aswan, Egypt; Day 1

This morning we said goodbye to our beautiful rooftop view of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. We won’t miss the room but will definitely miss the astounding view and the evening light show. After breakfast we headed for the airport and a short flight 550 miles to Aswan in southern Egypt. This ancient city isContinue reading “Aswan, Egypt; Day 1”

Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 5

On our fifth day here, it was finally the day for the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and a ride on some camels. We also spent some time at the Cairo Bazaar and with a scent master. Many Adventures for us today! We started at the Great Pyramids which sit right outside our B&B.  We tookContinue reading “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 5”

Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 4

Brian and Tiffany celebrated the 14th anniversary of their wedding today. We decided to visit the Mena House which sits on the other side of the Great Pyramids from our Sphinx-side B&B. The Mena House was an old hunting lodge built in the 19th century and has been the Giza accommodations for royalty, heads-of-state, andContinue reading “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 4”

Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 3

Sometimes it’s good to have flexibility in your plans. Today was supposed to be our day to tour the pyramids outside our doorstep. But when we arrived on the roof for breakfast this morning it was windy with sand blowing everywhere and no visibility. Not a particularly good day for being outside on the plateau.Continue reading “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 3”

Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 2

On our first full day here in Egypt we hired a guide and visited a number of holy sites in Cairo.  We completed the day on the rooftop of our B&B in Giza watching the famous Sound & Light Show at the Sphinx. Our first stop in the morning was to see the Hanging ChurchContinue reading “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 2”

Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 1

We left the UAE this afternoon for the Egyptian leg of the World Tour. We arrived late into Cairo and then had a white knuckled ride through some hairy traffic in a cramped four door sedan. Horn blasting all the way. Five of us plus the driver made for some squished Adventurers. Our complimentary transportContinue reading “Cairo/Giza, Egypt; Day 1”

Dubai, UAE; Day 6

We spent the day at Expo2020 and had a wonderful time trying to see the world in one day. This event was originally scheduled to start in October 2020 but was Covid-delayed. This expo is essentially a world’s fair with representatives from 188 countries putting together dedicated pavilions and exhibits showing off their country andContinue reading “Dubai, UAE; Day 6”

Dubai, UAE; Day 5

Today’s primary adventure was a guided tour around Old Dubai to get a lesson in traditional Emirati life. We again used ‘Get Your Guide’ and met Mahmoud early afternoon for our walking tour through the Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood and some of the other key sites. We had a good experience on public transportation yesterdayContinue reading “Dubai, UAE; Day 5”

Dubai, UAE; Day 4

Today’s Adventure was all about the kids so they picked Aquaventure. This is a place on the tip of the Jumeirah Palm next to the Atlantis Resort and is an oversized, world’s largest, waterpark. Not surprisingly it boasts tons of waterslides, lazy rivers, splash zones and beach frontage. One of the more unique rides takesContinue reading “Dubai, UAE; Day 4”