Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 12

Many of the stores and restaurants in Chiang Mai are closed for New Year’s Day.  We had also learned that some were closed today as well. We decided to take this Friday off from school to give us a jump on the holiday weekend like many others here in Thailand.  Today we indulged our AmericanContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 12”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 11

Today was routine as we settle into the second week of our month-long Chiang Mai stay. School, wander the neighborhood (in this case in search of a liquor store, a fly swatter and AA batteries) and have a meal at a new restaurant. Suaram was the star of the show today. She is learning howContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 11”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 10

Computer-based lessons are unavoidable for the 5 Adventures Academy but we try to throw in variations every chance we can. Yesterday, we visited some Buddhist temples to follow-up with Brian’s religion section on Monday. Today, we played a game to follow up on Tiffany’s lesson teaching us all how to count confidently up to 13Continue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 10”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 9

Today we took school on the road (finally!) We all like field trip days better than online curriculum days. After brunch out we headed to the historic and cultural center of Chiang Mai – the Old City. Built in the late 13th century, it is a 2¼ km square area in the center of currentContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 9”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 8

In anticipation of our upcoming visits to some of the Buddhist temples in the area (there are over 300 in Chiang Mai alone) Brian prepared a presentation for school today on the fundamentals of Buddhism. The students seemed engaged by the material and provided their own perspectives on 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.Continue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 8”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 7

Today had a relaxing start and then a flurry of activity. The kids got some cash for Christmas yesterday and were itching to spend it. We’d heard a rumor there was a ToysRUs on the other side of town and this week at that mall is a joint Japanese/Thai festival (which is why the parentsContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 7”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 6

Merry Christmas to all! We had a wonderful time today celebrating Christmas and opening gifts from each other. The kids loved their gifts from Santa and Brian & Tiffany were grateful for a happy and healthy family. Here is one quick image of the morning disarray. We hope that all of you enjoy the companyContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 6”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 5

Today was Christmas Eve for the 5 Adventurers in Thailand. No school today so this afternoon we headed out to Nic’s Restaurant and Playground. They had an extensive menu, a playground for the kids and SANTA. Well, one of Santa’s helpers wearing a beard over his mask and an obvious pillow under his coat –Continue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 5”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 4

We had a fun day of school today finishing up the group reading of The One and Only Ivan by watching the Disney film from last year. Apparently they do this in public school as well (i.e., read a book and then watch a film adaptation). The kids loved the movie and the teachers thoughtContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 4”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 3

Most of the day was hanging around the house for school, present wrapping, reading etc. but around 4:30 we (ad)ventured out to explore more of our part of Chiang Mai. Our house host recommended the local Ton Phayom fresh market for fruits and vegetables so we thought we’d check it out and grab dinner whileContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 3”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 2

After school this morning the 5 Adventurers spent some time apart gathering additional ingredients for a very Merry Christmas. We decided a while ago that we’d try to make Christmas special and familiar for the kids even though we would be in Asia. We also wanted to avoid carrying gifts for each other across 12Continue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 2”

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 1

Today was an early but short and easy travel day for us. We left the resort about 6:15am and headed to the domestic terminal at Phuket airport. Our destination was Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and we flew Vietjet – a discount airline akin to Southwest or Frontier in the US.  The experience was familiarContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 1”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 11

Today was our last full day here in Phuket and we chose to visit some of our favorite places to do some of our favorite activities. The boys spent a few hours in the Kid’s Club. Mom and Suaram had a long conversation in the pool. Dad read Dostoyevsky in the shade with a coldContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 11”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 10

We were looking forward to visiting the market at Nai Yang Beach which is held on Saturday afternoon but were fearful that a rain storm might put a damper on the shopping. Fortunately the rains held off and we were able to sort through a wide variety of items for sale. Tiffany was right toContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 10”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 9

The faculty and student body of the 5 Adventures Academy were happy to see the school week come to a close today. We intend to press ahead with another few days of school before the Christmas weekend but were glad to see the end of our “resort school” week with all of the distractions andContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 9”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 8

After our favorite breakfast buffet we did school and then spent the afternoon at the pool. Buy one get one free happy hour was a draw for Brian and Tiffany while the kids decided to spend all their allowance money on donuts and then throw them in the pool. Afterwards we headed back to WeenaContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 8”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 7

This morning was our 7th at the Phuket Marriott Nai Yang Beach. That means it was also our 7th morning of the (complimentary) breakfast buffet. The kids are always thrilled with a good breakfast buffet – mainly because there are always treats offered which is highly uncommon when Mom or Dad cook breakfast. According toContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 7”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 6

Thailand requires 3 Covid-19 tests for travelers visiting from the United States. One before you board the plane in the US, one when you arrive in Thailand and the third on your 6-7th day in the country. The third test is an antigen rapid test we did ourselves – our first time doing one likeContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 6”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 5

Monday morning meant back to school for everyone.  Typically we will have a segment for Mathematics and a segment for Language Arts.  Today we added a creative block and gave the kids an assignment. They were given 25 minutes to create a new game of their own invention.  They needed to write down at leastContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 5”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 4

Today dawned with clear, sunny skies and quickly started heading for the high 80’s in temperature. Despite the heat, we decided today we’d have some adventures off the hotel property. Since we arrived we have seen boats and other activity about 1/2 mile up the beach. We also frequently have seen hotel guests heading thatContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 4”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 3

As a Saturday, we took the day off from school which meant that we could get a morning pool session in. It worked out great except for the quality of the hotel sunscreen which left some of the Adventurers more pink than they would like. We walked down the beach at lunch and had aContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 3”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 2

สวัสดี (Sa-wa-dee) (hello) We promise not to do as much Thai language in our posts from Thailand as we did Spanish in Central America. It’s a much harder language and alphabet to learn but we are making a try of getting proficient in some of the common words travelers need. Most of the people workingContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 2”

Phuket, Thailand; Day 1

4 of the 5 Adventurers awoke early this morning (2am local time) but Mom was resolved to get onto a more accommodating sleep schedule. After reading for about 90 minutes, “lights back out” was declared. Surprisingly, all were soon asleep until after the sun came up which wasn’t too bad for our first day ofContinue reading “Phuket, Thailand; Day 1”

Travel to Thailand, Day 3

Our 5 Adventurers arrived in Phuket, Thailand this afternoon. We are all very weary from our four flights of travel but are in good spirits. The kids have been remarkably patient through it all. Here is a quick recap of our 3 day journey half-way-around-the globe Hours 1-3: Depart Leesburg, Ohio, lunch with Mamoh, andContinue reading “Travel to Thailand, Day 3”

Travel to Thailand; Day 2

After barely making our connection at JFK, we settled into our 12 hour flight to Doha. Honestly we were hoping for a little less adventure on this second travel day and we got it. A long haul flight in economy is not anyone’s first choice, but if you choose to do it, Qatar Airlines’ offeringContinue reading “Travel to Thailand; Day 2”

Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Final Day

We hope we don’t jinx ourselves by posting that this is our last full day in Leesburg/North America for a while. Travel restrictions are pretty fluid so we’re not planning very far ahead. Tomorrow we head to Thailand until at least mid January and after that who knows. We’ll be a few different places inContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Final Day”

Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Day 3

The extended visit(s) at Mamoh’s house in 2021 are nearing their terminus as the Adventurers have begun packing for the next legs of the World Tour. Brian and Tiffany took some time in the garage considering the assorted bins and items which were so vital during the Summer portion of the Tour but may notContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Day 3”

Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Day 2

Preparations continue for our departure on Monday. Tiffany’s second polio vaccine and travel required Covid 19 tests were the highlights as well as getting in a school day. But our thoughts are more and more turning to what’s coming next – warm weather, beaches, new adventures. We thought we’d share this Friday flashback to aContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Day 2”

Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Day 1

We arrived yesterday for part 3 of our Leesburg, Ohio adventure at Tiffany’s Mom’s house. She’s been a patient and generous host for a much longer stay than any of us had planned. Part of the reason for returning to the Cincinnati area was so that Brian could have his two week follow-up with hisContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Day 1”

Driving Day to Leesburg, Ohio

Before we left our friends Lynn & Troy and left for Ohio again, the kids were able to try something new and still fairly novel (for them and Brian & Tiffany). We may not have planned to have a virtual adventure before 9a today but CreeperKitty caught Brian getting a VR lesson from Troy lastContinue reading “Driving Day to Leesburg, Ohio”